You can watch all sessions again in the programme section.

What's next? Programme Download programme
What's next? Programme Download programme

You can watch all sessions again in the programme section.

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The Diplomacy Roundtables


The Diplomacy Roundtables
  • Implications of the Global Pandemic on Peace, Security and Public Health: The Role of Religion and Diplomacy in Global Vaccine Campaigns
  • Demographic Dynamics, Religions and Politics
  • Multi-Religious Collaboration and Diplomacy to Overcome Gender-based Violence
  • Interreligious Education for Just, Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
  • Multi-religious Diplomacy: A Tipping Point for Saving Our Environment – 5 Oct
  • Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Belief – The Protection of Holy Sites and Religious Practices – 5 Oct
  • Challenges to Multi-Religious Co-existence? Racism, Xenophobia, Hate Speech and Blasphemy Laws
  • What IS the Added Value of Faith-Based Mediation of Conflicts?
  • Migration and Interreligious Cooperation
  • Interreligious Collaboration and Social-Behavioural Change – Making A Difference for Children, Families and Communities – 5 Oct
  • Supporting Interreligious Dialogue in Challenging Political Environments: Regional Perspectives (MENA, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Traditional and Social Media: Make or Break for the Faith and Diplomacy Nexus?
  • Religious Partnerships with the Private Sector: Insights for Impacting on Faith and Diplomacy
  • No More Religious Troubles in Northern Ireland?
  • Emerging Issues in Collaboration between Religious Actors and Diplomats: Lessons from Afghanistan and beyond
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