You can watch all sessions again in the programme section.

What's next? Programme Download programme
What's next? Programme Download programme

You can watch all sessions again in the programme section.

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Tuesday, 5.10.2021 12:30 - 13:15

Press Talks

Conference Hosts

Ms. Emina Frljak, Program Coordinator, Youth for Peace; Member, International Youth Committee; Member, Multi-Religious Council of Leaders
Dr Renz C. Argao, Coordinator, International Youth Committee (IYC) of Religions for Peace


Grand-Mother Marie-Josée Rankin, President, Kina8at Together; Elder from the Anicinape (Algonquin) tradition (Indigenous, CANADA)
Grand-Father Dominique Rankin, Algonquin Hereditary Grand Chief Co-President, Religions for Peace (Indigenious, Canada)

Video Greeting

Lord Mayor Dr. Claudia Alfons, City of Lindau

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